E-Z UP Upright Water H2o Weight Bags

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The perfect solution for outdoor use on hard surfaces

Secure your E-Z UP® shelter from wind and the hustle and bustle of events with our Water Weight Bags. Sold as a 4-pack, each Water Weight Bag holds 10 litres of water to reinforce your shelter at the base of each leg. Compatible with all E-Z UP® shelters.

  • Made of Waterproof PVC Material with Heat Welded Seams to Prevent Leakage
  • Bag Holds 2.5 Gallons (10 L) Weighing 22 lbs (10 kg) Each
  • Ergonomic Top Handle
  • Includes Drawstring Mesh Storage Bag



    All E-Z UP Shelters must be anchored to the ground for maximum safety. If the wind starts to get too strong then please consider taking the shelter down. Portable shelters are not designed to withstand all types of weather so please use good judgement when it comes to the wind. Attaching side walls will cause more lift (like a parachute), so it will help to remove them first.