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Repair your E-Z UP

Sometimes things break and in today's throw away culture it would just get tossed on the heap. Not with E-Z UP! Our philosophy is producing high quality products that will last for a long time and part of that is providing parts and repair services to get you up and running after a mishap. The most common of which is wind damage and forcing the shelter when opening and closing.

E-Z UP Badge with Model NameWe carry a full range of replacement parts for your E-Z UP Shelter so give us a call or email us a photo of the damage. Please make a note of the size and model of your shelter. The model can be found on the 2 x E-Z UP badges located on the canopy. You can find our Spare Parts Diagrams here.

For All Repair Enquiries call: 0800 803 987

You can also bring your shelter in to one of our branches for repair:

2 Parkhead Place, Rosedale

36 Hayton Road, Wigram


Here is a list of what's replaceable on your shelter:

  • Canopy
  • Complete Frame
  • Individual Trusses
  • Outer Leg & Inner Leg (sold separately)
  • Peak Pole
  • Peak Beam
  • Pull-pin Slider
  • Leg Toggle
  • Nut & Bolt Kits available