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Spare Parts Diagrams


ECLIPSE Professional Range:

Click on your shelter type below to view the PDF parts diagram for it:

Steel Frames (Colours: White; Black):

3m x 3m Eclipse Steel Frame
3m x 4.5m Eclipse Steel Frame
3m x 6m Eclipse Steel Frame

Aluminium Frames (Colour: Silver):

3m x 3m Eclipse Aluminium Frame
3m x 4.5m Eclipse Aluminium Frame
3m x 6m Eclipse Aluminium Frame



Recreational Frames:

3m x 3m Recreational Frame - Enterprise & Vantage

 E-Z Up Vantage 3m x 3m Parts Diagram

1, 2, 8 Complete Leg
3 Peak Beam
4 Peak Pole
5 Peak Slider
6 Peak Truss
7 Outer Truss


2.5m x 3.7m Steel Frame - Speed Shelter®

 E-Z Up Speed 2.5m x 3.7m Parts Diagram

1, 2, 10 Complete Leg
3 Peak Pole
4 Peak Beam
5 4-Prong Peak Slider
6 Outer Truss
7 Middle Truss
8 Inner Truss 43 5/8″
9 Inner Truss 45 3/8″