About Us

This is Where You'll Find The World's Fastest Shelters!

E-Z UP® Instant Shelters™ have been protecting people globally and in New Zealand for decades and have proven to be the best. We only use high strength steel and aircraft grade aluminium in our products. Our fabrics are professional grade nylon, which is resistant to harmful UV rays, water, wind and wear. Our designs have been copied many times, but our competitors seem to be more focused on the cheapest price than the highest quality.

Instant Shelter™ or pop up gazebo?

The Instant Shelter is a trademarked term for pop gazebos coined by International E-Z UP®, Inc. who invented the portable, quickly erectable shelter in 1983 and created a successful business with worldwide quality reputation and recognition. For nearly three decades as the continued industry leader, E-Z UP® has been first in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in over 50 countries. E-Z UP® holds over 30 worldwide product patents and still growing. One of the keys to success has been the commitment to company-wide values.

Honesty: Honesty and trust in all business relationships.
Customers: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
People: Respect and opportunity for all employees.
Innovation: A passion for innovation and continuous improvement.

We Make Life E-Z™

E-Z UP® Instant Shelters™ are exclusively distributed in New Zealand by Darbi Accessories Ltd.